Hungry? Make sure you check out the mouth-watering goodies at GABS (below). As always, we’re proud to have some of the city’s best street food vendors on offer. And if you download the Official GABS App (available in early May from the App Store or Google Play), you’ll find suggested beer pairings for each dish.


Burgers by Josh

From humble beginnings, Burgers By Josh (or BBJ’s as it’s affectionately known by fans) has become one of Sydney’s most sought after burgers. Chef Josh Arthur’s passion for American cuisine comes through in every glorious bite.

Mama Linh’s

Sydney’s favourite gourmet Vietnamese Street Food. Funking up the classics and creating excitement for your mouth.

Chrissy's Cuts

Hand twisted sausages made in small batches from free range prime cuts and no gluten or preservatives, because meat shouldn't be a mystery.

The Mac Daddy

Containing all of the major food groups (pasta / cheese), this Mac’N’Cheese is the dish you need to fuel your GABS experience.


Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven. Born in Texas, Eric Morris was raised on a hearty diet of bacon, brisket and burgers, and has brought these traditions to his Pyrmont cafe. Enjoy the hospitality and cuisine of the Americas with Clementine’s.

Dumpling Den

Little pockets of goodness for the discerning dumpling lover. Get your chops around a plate of potstickers from the dumpling kings.

Gnocchi Gnocchi!

Fresh gnocchi with the pasta sauce of your choice, choose from napolitana, boscaiola and bolognese. Enjoy these soft pillows of potato goodness from one of Sydney’s best.

Loaded Fries

Chips with stuff on top! What could be better than a hearty serving of chips to go with your favourite beer.

Watch Your Fingers

Bringing their famous beer macarons to GABS, Wentworthville’s Watch Your Fingers French Patisserie provide the perfect end to your festival feast.

Monster Rolls

One of Sydney’s first (and most distinctive) food trucks, Monster Rolls specialise in slow cooked meats and schnitzel served in freshly baked baguettes and paired with signature homemade sauces for the ultimate monster experience.

Bovine & Swine

Low and slow is how they like it in Texas and that's how Bovine & Swine make it in Newtown. They live and breathe classic barbecue, smoking meats with native Australian Iron Bark for up to 12 hours for that perfect bark, melt-in-your-mouth texture and smokey taste. 

Happy as Larry

Probably one of Sydney’s most loved food trucks, Happy as Larry’s pop-up pizzeria stages a triumphant return to GABS. With an emphasis on fresh produce, with a traditional Napoli influence, you’ll be Happy as Larry with one of their pizzas.


What is an Arepa, you ask? Only one of Venezuela’s most sacred treats…  a pancake like corn pocket filled with all manner of awesomeness. Think shredded beef, cheddar cheese, chicken, fish, chorizo and so much more.


New York Pastrami Deli on wheels meets Sydney with delectable sandwiches such as the world-famous Reuben, hot pastrami and mustard, and the classic New York hot dog. 


Experience the delightful fusion of traditional Japanese food with contemporary attitude. Newcastle's Nagisa restaurant presents a modern take on a rich history of Japanese cuisine.

That Arancini Guy

Delicious cheesy golden risotto balls deep fried to perfection, and other treats such as cheese wheel spaghetti. Vegetarian and gluten free options.

Lekker Tucker

The ultimate beer snack, Charles-Jean Gares will be bringing his traditional South African biltong with an Australian twist. Get your biltong fix here.