GABS Sydney is held over two sessions on Saturday 2 June 2018.

Tickets can be purchased for Single Sessions via the link below. Gather your mates together and save with our discount ‘Beer Buddy’ packages for groups. A limited number of Season Passes (offering access to all sessions) are also available but only for a very short time.



Session 1

Saturday 2 June
11.30am - 4.30pm

Session 2

Saturday 2 June
6.00pm - 11.00pm


At this stage, no further tickets will be released for Session 1, which is at maximum capacity. We highly recommend purchasing tickets to Session 2 to avoid disappointment.

Please note that booking fees and credit card payment processing fees apply to all ticket purchases.

Please note that all alcohol will stop being served 15 minutes before the end of each session.




Sydney Showground (Halls 3 & 4)
1 Showground Road, Olympic Park



Sydney Showground is conveniently located in the geographic heart of Sydney. Please click here to find out more about how to get there.

 We wish our train had a GABS badge on it, but it probs won't. :-(

We wish our train had a GABS badge on it, but it probs won't. :-(


To help Session 2 attendees get out and back to Sydney Showgrounds, particularly after the 11.00pm close, we’ve arranged a charter express train from Hornsby (via Central) to Redfern, Strathfield and Olympic Park, then back again!

Express Train Timetable to Olympic Park (Sat 2 June)

Hornsby - 4:16pm
Waitara - 4:19pm
Wahroonga - 4:21pm
Warrawee - 4:23pm
Turramurra - 4:25pm
Pymble - 4:28pm
Gordon - 4:30pm
Killara - 4:32pm
Lindfield - 4:35pm
Roseville - 4:37pm
Chatswood - 4:40pm
Artarmon - 4:43pm

St Leonards - 4:46pm
Wollstonecraft - 4:48pm
Waverton - 4:51pm
North Sydney - 4:54pm
Milsons Point - 4:57pm
Wynyard - 5:02pm
Town Hall - 5:05pm
Central - 5:09pm
Redfern - 5:11pm
Strathfield - 5:23pm
Olympic Park - 5:33pm

The return train will leave from 11.15pm or as soon as the train is full!


In 2018, we are moving into Halls 3 & 4 at Sydney Showground, behind The Dome. We will have two entrances / exits to GABS Sydney to allow faster entry to the festival.




Your Ticket

Sounds pretty obvious , right? Once you’ve completed your order, this will be emailed to you. Print it out, have it ready on your phone, or open it in the Eventbrite app. No ticket, no entry.

Proof Of Age

An encyclopaedic knowledge of 80s pop songs won’t cut it. Licence, passport or proof of age card are a must-have. Under 18s are welcome (and under 12s are free) but they won't be able to drink. Of course.

Credit / Debit Card

GABS is a 100% cashless event. With no cash to handle, this helps our bars and exhibitors process transactions quickly, which means more time for you to enjoy the festival. You’ll need a valid Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card to purchase food, drinks and merchandise using Square PayWave readers. No cash is accepted at all.

My Dan Murphy’s Card

If you’re a member of the My Dan Murphy’s loyalty program, be sure to bring your membership card, or download and log into the Dan Murphy’s app to display the card on your phone. That way, you can join the My Dan Murphy’s Express Lane when entering the festival (beat the queue!), and take part in a guided beer tasting as part of the My Dan Murphy’s Discovery Deck. *immediately joins My Dan Murphy’s program*

Please be prepared to show your valid ID. All people under the age of 18 will be required to wear a wristband for the duration of their stay at GABS. Please note all bags are subject to inspection at any point during the event. Bottles, cans, glass, food, drink, alcohol, illicit drugs, illegal substances, fireworks, explosives or anything that can be used as a weapon cannot be brought into the festival.

As you enter, you’ll be given a Souvenir Festival Glass and your Official GABS Guide. And then you’re good to go!




Square 300x300.jpg

Just Bring Your Credit / Debit Card

This year, we’ve done away with the tokens and wristbands, and partnered with the legends at Square to provide card readers at every container bar, brewery stand, food vendor and merch stand. No more refunds to claim afterwards, or topping up 'currency' through the event! Just be sure to bring your Visa, MasterCard or Amex credit or debit card, or any device with Apple Pay or Google Pay, and you’re all set. If you don't have PayWave, that's ok. As long as your card has a chip, you can insert and enter your pin.





With so many Festival Beers & Ciders on offer at GABS, sampling is the name of the game.

Your first step is to take a look at the Official Guide you’re given on arrival, or download the GABS App (available a few weeks out from the event), to check out the 170+ Festival Beers & Ciders made exclusively for the event. We’ve marked each beer and cider with our ‘traffic light’ indicators (Easier Drinking / Stepping Up / Adventurous) to give you some guidance on what might suit your tastes.

Then you create a ‘Tasting Paddle’. We’ll have loads of these wooden paddles at the festival, and they allow you to get five different 85mL tasters in one hit. You can buy the 85mL tasters individually for $2.50 each, or a paddle of five for $11.50 (that’s a $1 saving - bonus!).

Once you know what you want, use the chalk provided (again, it’s everywhere) to mark down the Festival Beer or Cider numbers on the paddle, take it to the appropriate container bar (there are three containers divided into sections), hand it to the bartender, and they’ll pour that bad boy for you.

If you then find something you want a little more of, at any time you can have your Souvenir Festival Glass filled with a 285mL serve of beer or cider. Prices for glass fills start from $6.

PRO TIP: Don't start at tap number 1. The tap numbers are ordered alphabetically by brewery and don't mean anything from a tasting perspective. But for some reason, lots of people start there. Start somewhere else and avoid the queues.

You’re very welcome to keep and take home your Souvenir Festival Glass, but please place your Tasting Paddles in the Paddle Bins as you exit your session.




Need to stock up the wardrobe? Look no further than the ELWD Merch Stand, which will feature a range of tees, hoodies, and other sweet, sweet merch from Australia and New Zealand’s best breweries and cideries. In fact, it’s where we do all of our shopping.




Free water will be available at stations throughout the festival hall. Remember to keep hydrated to make sure you can go the distance. And if you’re not into beer or cider, that’s fine. We won’t hold it against you.

Head to the Milawa Cheese & Prosecco Bar for a fantastic range of Brown Brothers wines. So good.

Soft drinks will also be available from many of our Street Food vendors.




Made by the legends at Lee & Morgan Enterprises (not a real company), the GABS App is a pretty kick-ass addition to your GABS experience. You can read all about the breweries at GABS, you can PLAN YOUR TASTING PADDLES, and you can even rate every beer on Untappd. It all links up somehow, we don’t even want to ask.

The GABS App will be available for download in early May (keep an eye on our Facebook page / email newsletter). Search for the GABS 2018 app in the App Store or Google Play.




This little shindig wouldn’t happen without the support of many awesome staff and volunteers. It just wouldn’t. They’ll all be in GABS t-shirts and easy to identify. Be nice to them. Give them a hug, even.




Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the festival hall. Smokers are asked to smoke outside the main entrance and to one side.




If anyone thinks GABS is a swillathon, they will only be disappointed.

While GABS is all about responsible beer and cider appreciation and education in a fun and festive atmosphere, anti-social behaviour will not be accepted.