BEERS FROM 101 - 200

101:  Colonial Brewing Co IPA (Australian IPA) VIC * 

102:  Coopers Brewery VINTAGE ALE (2018) (Winter Seasonal Beer) SA * NEW

103:  Young Henrys STAYER (MID) (Hoppy Lager) NSW * NEW

104:  Bridge Road Brewers LITTLE BLING (Session IPA) VIC * 

105:  Mismatch Brewing Co SESSION ALE (Session IPA) SA * 

106:  Green Beacon Brewing Co 7 BELLS (Gose) QLD * 

107:  Moon Dog Craft Brewery SPLICE OF HEAVEN PINE-LIME (Milkshake IPA) VIC * 

108:  Modus Operandi Brewing Co PALE (American Pale Ale) NSW * 

109:  Tumut River Brewing Co GINJA NINJA (Fruit Beer) NSW * 

110:  Jetty Road Brewery DRAUGHT (Classic Pilsner) VIC * NEW

111:  TWØBAYS Brewing Co PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) VIC * NEW

112:  Bad Shepherd Brewing Co HAZELNUT BROWN ALE (UK Brown Ale) VIC * 

113:  Capital Brewing Co SPRINGBOARD SUMMER ALE (American Wheat) ACT * 

114:  Nail Brewing SUPER VPA (Specialty Beer) WA *  GABS

115:  4 Pines Brewing Co PACIFIC ALE (Australian Pale Ale) NSW  NEW

116:  3 Ravens SALTED CARAMEL SHAKE (Milkshake IPA) VIC * NEW

117:  Hawkers WEST COAST IPA (American IPA) VIC * 

118:  Prancing Pony Brewery INDIA RED ALE - IIPA (Red IPA) SA * 

119:  Big Shed Brewing Concern THE HAZING (New England IPA) SA * NEW

120:  Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel THREE SHEETS (Australian Pale Ale) NSW * 

121:  Two Birds Brewing PASSION VICTIM (Australian Pale Ale) VIC * 

122:  Hop Nation THE CHOP (American IPA) VIC * 

123:  2 Brothers Brewery KUNG FOO RICE LAGER (Pale Lager) VIC * 

124:  4 Pines Brewing Co KOLSCH DRAUGHT STYLE ALE (Kölsch) NSW   

125:  White Lies Brewing Co HAZY CRAZE (New England IPA) QLD * 

126:  Grifter Brewing Co PINK GALAH (Kettle Sour) NSW * NEW

127:  Thirsty Crow SPORTING ALE (Kölsch) NSW * 

128:  Burleigh Brewing 28 (American Pale Ale) QLD * 

129:  Mountain Goat Beer STEAM ALE (California Common) VIC   

130:  2 Brothers Brewery GRAPEFRUIT IPA (American IPA) VIC * NEW

131:  Ben Buckler Brewery BEACH BEER BONDI (Pale Ale) NSW * NEW

132:  Hawkers IIPA (Imperial IPA) VIC * 

133:  10 Toes Brewery VANILLA PORTER (Porter) QLD * 

134:  Hop Nation THE HEART (American Pale Ale) VIC * 

135:  Mountain Goat Beer SUMMER ALE (Blonde Ale) VIC   

136:  Stone & Wood Brewing Co GREEN COAST LAGER (Kellerbier) NSW * 

137:  Hawkers XPA (American Pale Ale) VIC * 

138:  Indian Ocean Brewing Co FRUITULUS LUPULUS (New England IPA) WA * 

139:  Akasha Brewing Company MOSAIC IPA (American IPA) NSW * 

140:  Akasha Brewing Company FRESHWATER PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) NSW * 

141:  Stone & Wood Brewing Co GARDEN ALE (Australian Pale Ale) NSW * 

142:  Fortitude Brewing Co PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) QLD * 

143:  Fixation Brewing Co SQUISH (American IPA) VIC * 


145:  Ballistic Beer AUSTRALIAN PSYCHO IPA (Australian IPA) QLD * 

146:  Two Birds Brewing TACO (Specialty Beer) VIC *  GABS

147:  Hop Nation THE PUNCH (Gose) VIC * 

148:  White Rabbit DARK ALE (Dark Lager) VIC   

149:  The Welder's Dog Brewery PRICKLY PEAR SOUR GINGER BEER (Specialty Beer) NSW * NEW GABS

150:  Felons Brewing Co AUSTRALIAN PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) QLD * NEW

151:  Bodriggy Brewing COSMIC MICROWAVE (New England IPA) VIC * 

152:  Hemingway's Brewery THE ENDEAVOUR WEST COAST IPA (American IPA) QLD * NEW

153:  Philter IPA (Australian IPA) NSW * NEW

154:  Stone & Wood Brewing Co STICKY NECTAR (Milkshake IPA) NSW * NEW

155:  Bad Shepherd Brewing Co VICTORIA PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) VIC * NEW

156:  Bridge Road Brewers ROBUST PORTER (Porter) VIC * 

157:  Batch Brewing Co ELSIE THE MILK STOUT (Sweet Stout) NSW * 

158:  Thirsty Crow 26FIFTY SUMMER ALE (Australian Pale Ale) NSW * 

159:  4 Pines Brewing Co IN SEASON IPA (American IPA) NSW   

160:  Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers RAMJET (Wood-Aged Beer) VIC * NEW

161:  Black Hops Brewery SEND IT (Blonde Ale) QLD * NEW

162:  Newstead Brewing Co TWO TO THE VALLEY (American IPA) QLD * 

163:  Burleigh Brewing MID-TIDE (Australian Pale Ale) QLD * NEW

164:  Modus Operandi Brewing Co TROPIC HAZE UNFILTERED PALE (American Pale Ale) NSW * NEW

165:  Little Creatures ROGERS (American Amber/Red) WA   

166:  Felons Brewing Co CRISP LAGER (Helles Lager) QLD * NEW

167:  10 Toes Brewery RYE AMBER ALE (American Amber/Red) QLD * 

168:  Colonial Brewing Co SMALL ALE (Session IPA) VIC * 

169:  Coopers Brewery BEST EXTRA STOUT (Extra Stout) SA * 

170:  Burleigh Brewing BLONDE (Helles Lager) QLD * NEW

171:  BentSpoke Brewing Co BIG NUT (Schwarzbier) ACT * 

172:  Bridge Road Brewers B2 BOMBER MACH 8.0 (Belgian Specialty Ale) VIC * NEW

173:  Feral Brewing Co WAR HOG (American IPA) WA   

174:  Old Wives Ales OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD (New England IPA) VIC * NEW

175:  Blackman's Brewery ANGRY REG (Imperial IPA) VIC * 

176:  Bridge Road Brewers CHESTNUT PILSNER (Australian Pilsner) VIC * 

177:  Black Hops Brewery G.O.A.T. (New England IPA) QLD * NEW

178:  BentSpoke Brewing Co MORT'S GOLD (Pale Lager) ACT * 

179:  Mismatch Brewing Co LAGER (Helles Lager) SA * 

180:  Mornington Peninsula Brewery MORNINGTON PALE (American Pale Ale) VIC * 

181:  Mr Banks Brewing Co WEST COAST IPA (American IPA) VIC * NEW

182:  4 Pines Brewing Co AMERICAN AMBER ALE (American Amber/Red) NSW   

183:  Prancing Pony Brewery THE ZEPPELIN - ALL HOP NEIPA (New England IPA) SA * NEW GABS

184:  Pirate Life Brewing UNFAZED BY THE HAZE (New England IPA) SA  NEW

185:  Rocky Ridge Brewing Co PEACH INVASION (New England IPA) WA * 

186:  Young Henrys FOOTOWN (FOO FIGHTERS) (Australian Pilsner) NSW * NEW

187:  James Squire THE SWINDLER (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   

188:  Pirate Life Brewing THROWBACK (Session IPA) SA   

189:  Modus Operandi Brewing Co SESSION IPA (Session IPA) NSW * 

190:  Philter RED (American Amber/Red) NSW * 

191:  Hawkers ROVER HENTY STREET ALE (Australian Pale Ale) VIC * 

192:  La Sirène Brewing CITRAY SOUR (Mixed Fermentation Sour) VIC * NEW

193:  Black Hops Brewery EGGNOG STOUT (Dry/Irish Stout) QLD * 

194:  Moorebeer Brewing Co BIG POPPA NEIPA (New England IPA) NSW * NEW

195:  Two Birds Brewing PALE (Australian Pale Ale) VIC * 

196:  Rocky Ridge Brewing Co ROCK JUICE (Imperial IPA) WA * NEW

197:  Kosciuszko Brewing Co PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   

198:  Blackman's Brewery REGINALD (American IPA) VIC * 

199:  Mismatch Brewing Co PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) SA * 

200:  Deeds Brewing QUIET DEEDS JUICE TRAIN (New England IPA) VIC *  GABS


* Brewed by an independent brewery (as defined by the Independent Brewers Association)

NEW Brewed for the first time in 2018

GABS A ‘Festival Beer’ brewed especially for GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest

(###) Position in the main results of GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2018 poll

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