1: Balter XPA (Pale Ale) QLD   (1)

2: Stone & Wood Brewing Co PACIFIC ALE (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (2)

3: BentSpoke Brewing Co CRANKSHAFT (American IPA) ACT   (3)

4: Young Henrys NEWTOWNER (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (4)

5: Bridge Road Brewers BEECHWORTH PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) VIC   (5)

6: Balter IIPA (Imperial IPA) QLD NEW  (6)

7: Balter IPA (American IPA) QLD   (7)


9: Hop Nation JEDI JUICE (New England IPA) VIC  GABS (9)

10: Gage Roads Brewing Co SINGLE FIN (Australian Pale Ale) WA   (10)

11: BentSpoke Brewing Co BARLEY GRIFFIN (Australian Pale Ale) ACT   (11)

12: BentSpoke Brewing Co CLUSTER 8 (Imperial IPA) ACT NEW  (12)

13: Your Mates Brewing Co LARRY (Australian Pale Ale) QLD   (13)

14: Black Hops Brewery PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) QLD   (14)

15: Capital Brewing Co COAST ALE (California Common) ACT   (15)

16: BentSpoke Brewing Co SPROCKET (American IPA) ACT   (16)

17: Coopers Brewery ORIGINAL PALE ALE (Australian Pale Ale) SA   (17)

18: Big Shed Brewing Concern BOOZY FRUIT (New England IPA) SA NEW GABS (18)

19: Balter CAPTAIN SENSIBLE (American Pale Ale) QLD NEW  (19)

20: Green Beacon Brewing Co WINDJAMMER (American IPA) QLD   (20)

21: Capital Brewing Co ROCK HOPPER (American IPA) ACT NEW  (21)

22: Coopers Brewery SESSION ALE (Pale Ale) SA   (22)

23: BentSpoke Brewing Co RED NUT (Red IPA) ACT NEW  (23)

24: Balter STRONG PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) QLD NEW  (24)

25: Philter XPA (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (26)

26: Capital Brewing Co TRAIL PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) ACT   (27)

27: Stone & Wood Brewing Co CLOUD CATCHER (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (28)

28: Jetty Road Brewery PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) VIC   (29)

29: Young Henrys NATURAL LAGER (Kellerbier) NSW   (31)

30: Modus Operandi Brewing Co SONIC PRAYER (American IPA) NSW   (32)

31: Modus Operandi Brewing Co FORMER TENANT (Red IPA) NSW   (33)

32: Hemingway's Brewery PITCHFORK BETTY'S (American Pale Ale) QLD   (34)

33: The Welder's Dog Brewery FARMHOUSE GINGER BEER (Ginger/Spiced Beer) NSW   (35)

34: Dainton Brewery BLOOD ORANGE NERIPA (New England IPA) VIC   (36)

35: 10 Toes Brewery PIPELINE (Australian Pale Ale) QLD   (37)

36: Grifter Brewing Co PALE (Australian Pale Ale) NSW   (38)

37: The Welder's Dog Brewery AUSTRALIAN WHEAT ALE (American Wheat) NSW NEW  (39)

38: One Mile Brewery 4:21 (Kölsch) NT   (41)

39: The Welder's Dog Brewery INDIA PALE ALE (Australian IPA) NSW NEW  (42)

40: Black Hops Brewery HORNET (American IPA) QLD   (43)

41: Thirsty Crow VANILLA MILK STOUT (Sweet Stout) NSW   (45)

42: Coopers Brewery SPARKLING ALE (Australian Sparkling Ale) SA   (46)

43: Bridge Road Brewers BEECHY SUMMER ALE (Australian Pale Ale) VIC   (47)

44: Burleigh Brewing TWISTED PALM (Australian Pale Ale) QLD   (48)

45: Capital Brewing Co EVIL EYE (Red IPA) ACT   (49)

46: Hop Nation THE DAWN (New England IPA) VIC NEW  (50)

47: One Mile Brewery RDO (Pale Ale) NT   (51)

48: Akasha Brewing Company HOPSMITH (American IPA) NSW   (52)

49: Fortitude Brewing Co PACER (American Pale Ale) QLD   (54)

50: Moon Dog Craft Brewery OLD MATE (American Pale Ale) VIC   (55)

51: Green Beacon Brewing Co WAYFARER (Pale Ale) QLD   (56)

52: Gage Roads Brewing Co LITTLE DOVE (American Pale Ale) WA   (57)

53: Akasha Brewing Company KORBEN D. (Imperial IPA) NSW   (59)

54: Colonial Brewing Co PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) VIC   (60)

55: Capital Brewing Co SUMMIT SESSION XPA (Pale Ale) ACT NEW  (61)

56: CoConspirators Brewing THE MATRIARCH (New England IPA) VIC   (63)

57: Wayward Brewing Co RASPBERRY BERLINER WEISSE (SOURPUSS) (Berliner Weisse) NSW   (64)

58: Balter PILSNER (Classic Pilsner) QLD   (65)

59: Gage Roads Brewing Co ATOMIC (American Pale Ale) WA   (66)

60: 10 Toes Brewery LONGBOARD LAGER (Australian Pilsner) QLD   (67)

61: Moon Dog Craft Brewery BEER CAN (Hoppy Lager) VIC   (68)

62: 10 Toes Brewery HAPPY DAYS (American IPA) QLD NEW  (70)

63: Burleigh Brewing BIGHEAD (Pale Lager) QLD   (71)

64: Nail Brewing VPA (Pale Ale) WA   (72)

65: One Mile Brewery NO LIMITS (American IPA) NT   (73)

66: Green Beacon Brewing Co 3 BOLT (American Pale Ale) QLD   (74)

67: Jetty Road Brewery INDIA PALE ALE (American IPA) VIC NEW  (76)

68: Brouhaha Brewery STRAWBERRY RHUBARB SOUR (Kettle Sour) QLD   (77)

69: Grifter Brewing Co SERPENTS KISS (Fruit Beer) NSW   (78)

70: Blackman's Brewery JUICY BANGER (Hoppy Lager) VIC   (80)

71: One Mile Brewery OTTO'S (Irish Amber/Red) NT   (82)

72: Mornington Peninsula Brewery SQUID RISING (New England IPA) VIC NEW  (83)

73: Modus Operandi Brewing Co DREAM WEAVER (New England IPA) NSW NEW  (84)

74: Mornington Peninsula Brewery SQUID SUPREMACY (New England IPA) VIC NEW  (85)

75: 3 Ravens JUICY IPA (New England IPA) VIC   (86)

76: Bridge Road Brewers BLING IPA (American IPA) VIC   (87)

77: Black Hops Brewery SUPER HORNET (Imperial IPA) QLD   (88)

78: Young Henrys SUMMER HOP ALE (Australian IPA) NSW   (89)

79: Big Shed Brewing Concern GOLDEN STOUT TIME (Sweet Stout) SA  GABS (90)

80: Fixation Brewing Co FIXATION IPA (American IPA) VIC   (91)

81: Batch Brewing Co PASH THE MAGIC DRAGON (Kettle Sour) NSW   (92)

82: Your Mates Brewing Co DONNIE (Porter) QLD   (93)

83: Young Henrys MOTORCYCLE OIL (Porter) NSW   (94)

84: Young Henrys AFENDS HEMP IPA (Specialty Beer) NSW NEW  (95)

85: Colonial Brewing Co SOUTH WEST SOUR (Hoppy Sour) VIC NEW  (96)

86: Capital Brewing Co HANG LOOSE JUICE (New England IPA) ACT NEW  (97)

87: Sauce Brewing Co TRUBBLE & SQUEAK (New England IPA) NSW NEW GABS (98)

88: Sauce Brewing Co BUBBLE & SQUEAK (New England IPA) NSW NEW  (99)

89: Colonial Brewing Co IPA (Australian IPA) VIC   (101)

90: Coopers Brewery VINTAGE ALE (2018) (Winter Seasonal Beer) SA NEW  (102)

91: Young Henrys STAYER (MID) (Hoppy Lager) NSW NEW  (103)

92: Bridge Road Brewers LITTLE BLING (Session IPA) VIC   (104)

93: Mismatch Brewing Co SESSION ALE (Session IPA) SA   (105)

94: Green Beacon Brewing Co 7 BELLS (Gose) QLD   (106)

95: Moon Dog Craft Brewery SPLICE OF HEAVEN PINE-LIME (Milkshake IPA) VIC   (107)

96: Modus Operandi Brewing Co PALE (American Pale Ale) NSW   (108)

97: Tumut River Brewing Co GINJA NINJA (Fruit Beer) NSW   (109)

98: Jetty Road Brewery DRAUGHT (Classic Pilsner) VIC NEW  (110)

99: TWØBAYS Brewing Co PALE ALE (American Pale Ale) VIC NEW  (111)

100: Bad Shepherd Brewing Co HAZELNUT BROWN ALE (UK Brown Ale) VIC   (112)


* Brewed by an independent brewery (as defined by the Independent Brewers Association)

NEW Brewed for the first time in 2018

GABS A ‘Festival Beer’ brewed especially for GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest

(###) Position in the main results of GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2018 poll

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