Didn’t find your favourite beer?

We rely on all Australian breweries to ensure their eligible beers are registered. If a beer you want to vote for is not on the list, or you think a beer that is on the list shouldn't be there, let us know and we’ll investigate promptly.


The fine print


Only one vote (for five different beers) is permitted per person, and a valid email address must be submitted for each vote to be counted. GABS reserves the right to remove votes, or voting behaviour, that appear to break this rule, be manufactured, or we deem to be false or not in the spirit of the poll. Voting closes at 11.59pm AEST on Friday 19 January 2018.


Beers must have been brewed in Australia and sold in kegs, cans or bottles in the 2017 calendar year. 


Australian beer brands deemed by GABS as ‘non-craft’ (eg. Crown Lager, Toohey’s) are ineligible. International craft brands brewed in Australia (eg. Brooklyn Brewery, Goose Island), are also ineligible. 


Australian craft brands brewed by multinational companies or supermarket chains (eg. Matilda Bay, James Squire, Little Creatures, Cricketers Arms, Mountain Goat, 4 Pines, Feral, Pirate Life and Steamrail) are eligible. Due to the common ownership of GABS and Stomping Ground Brewing Co, beers produced by Stomping Ground are currently ineligible.


No brands or breweries other than GABS are permitted to offer prizes, incentives or inducements of any value in exchange for votes for beers, or promote the poll in a way that could be perceived as such. Brands and breweries are not permitted to ask for proof of votes. 

Any breaches of the above terms, intentional or otherwise, will lead to the brand/brewery and/or voter being disqualified. GABS’ decision on all matters related to the integrity of the poll is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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